The Creators


Hi! We are 2 sisters, Vaishali, 16, and Aishvarya, 12. 

We both love writing, and that made it perfect for GrandStories. We came up with the idea for GrandStories during a visit to the library when we were 9 and 6 years old. We noticed that while Albert Einstein and Taylor Swift had biographies, and wondered: why can't our everyday heroes like our own family members, and friends have a biography? Why not everyone? Everyone has done something in their life worth remembering. 

From there, we made a long list of questions that were found in a normal biography, and added many that are not seen in a typical biography! And boom - GrandStories began.

We live in Atlanta, Georgia, where the idea for GrandStories was born. Vaishali is a sophomore in high school and when she is not doing science or calculus, loves to write. Aishvarya is in middle school and is into rowing, and loves to read books and listen to music. Both of us love art, going on hikes, playing the piano and watching movies with our family!!

We love hearing from others that they've learned so many new and surprising things about people that were close to them and thought they knew about. Our Dad learned so much about his father from reading the copy of GrandStories completed by our grandfather several years ago. It is now a cherished heirloom.

Our goal is to help others similarly document their family lore to be remembered as keepsakes.

Once you fill out your biography or receive one from someone, we'd love to hear from you too!!